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Create a ViewMedica account
Create a ViewMedica account

This tutorial will cover how to open a new ViewMedica account.

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If you already have a ViewMedica account and want to add a new service, see our tutorial on how to add and manage account services.

Review services

From the main menu on, go to the “Services” menu and select the service you are interested in – On-Demand, VMcast, or one of our other services.

We encourage you to read about the features included in the ViewMedica service. When you are ready, click the “Sign Up Now” link at the top of the page.

Select a plan

Select a service plan that fits your practice and your content needs. For example, Provider Plus includes an expanded content library and features such as video upload space suitable for most practices.

Start your account

We don’t need a credit card to start your account. But, we do need some information about you. This is important, even if you don’t want to place your order right away. This lets you save your progress and log into the system later to complete your order. Choose a username and password for your account. Be sure to remember these. You will need them to log into your account later. Enter your facility and contact information.

Choose your service

Next, you’ll choose the service or services you need. On-Demand is for subscribers who want patient education videos for their website, computers and tablets in the office, and printable brochures to hand to patients. VMcast lets you create your own ad-free television broadcasts for your waiting room. If you select On-Demand, please enter the website URL that the videos will be embedded on.

Select ViewMedica content

Select a library on the ViewMedica content selection screen. The list shows all of the available content in the selected library. It may be divided into collections. For example, Orthopedics is divided into different areas of the body like the shoulder, hip, knee, and spine.

Click “View” next to the title to preview a video. Click the “X” in the window’s upper right corner to return to the list. Need help finding a specific video? Use the search box at the top of the page.

Select videos you want to subscribe to by clicking the checkbox next to the title. You can select or deselect all of the videos in a library or section by clicking the list’s “Check All” and “Uncheck All” links. Keeping track of the number of videos selected is easy. The total number of videos selected is shown in the bar above the library list and below the “Save Selections” button at the bottom of the page.

When you’re finished choosing your videos, click “Save Selections” to return to the content selection screen. Choose a different library and continue selecting videos. There’s no need to worry about duplicates. If the same video is selected in two different libraries, you’re only charged for one selection.

The libraries you have selected content from will appear under “My Subscriptions.” The number of videos you selected within a library is displayed with a badge on the library tile. The total number of all the selected ViewMedica videos is shown in the bar above the library list.

You will also see the quote tag at the top of the page. The tag shows the price for the services and content you’ve selected. As you add or remove content, this number may change depending on the plan you initially chose.

Once you’re happy with your selections, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.


If you aren't sure which videos you want yet or you're setting up an account for someone else to select content, you can click "skip selections for later" to move to the next step in the signup process.

Select add-on content

Selecting add-on content is the same as selecting ViewMedica content. Click on a library to see its videos, then check the titles you want. Some add-on libraries require an additional subscription and some are free. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page when you’re finished with your selections. If you don’t want any add-on content, click “skip selections for later” to move to the next step in the signup process.

Enter payment information

Now you’re ready to check out. Review your quote. Choose your preferred payment option from the “Select Payment Option” dropdown.

  • Credit Card
    If you pay by credit card, we offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans. Accounts opened with payment by credit card are approved immediately. You can start using ViewMedica right away. Enter the contact information for the account’s primary administrator, billing contact, and card details into the secure form.

  • Invoice/Check
    If you want to be invoiced and pay by check, we only offer an annual plan. Accounts opened with payment by check are emailed an invoice using the contact information entered for the primary administrator and billing contact. Your account will be approved when the payment arrives at our office.


If the billing contact is the same as the primary administrator, select the "Same as Primary" checkbox under the "Billing Contact" section.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service Agreement by clicking the link below the “Start Subscription” button. You can also find the Terms of Service for all available products on our website.

Start your subscription

Finally, click the “Start Subscription” button. You’ll receive an email from us with additional information on how to set up and begin using your service(s).

Your account becomes active and your subscription begins as soon as payment is received. If you want to save your selections to come back to later or get a quote to share before starting your subscription, click “Email Quote and Go to Dashboard.”

You’ll receive an email with your quote and be redirected to your ViewMedica dashboard.

When you’re ready to activate your account and begin using your service(s), log in to your account and update your payment information. See our tutorial on how to update your payment information.

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