Find an RSS feed

Most news and information sites offer a page that lists all their RSS feeds. These feeds can be used to display news on VMcast.

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Finding an RSS feed

  1. Use Google to search for an RSS feed. You can search for your local news station's RSS feeds for more relevant headlines.

    For example, to get a US CDC feed, search “CDC RSS.” That will give you a link directly to the page on that lists their RSS feeds.

  2. Choose a category and copy the feed URL. This web address is what you will paste into your VMcast RSS slide. Make sure to include the http:// or https:// for the feed URL.

    For example, the feed URL below will load the headlines for the CDC Newsroom.

Preview your feeds

Always preview a feed before using it on your waiting room TV. Some feeds may not be appropriate for your office. By reviewing an RSS feed first, you can be assured that your patients are seeing appropriate content.

Common RSS feeds

Below is a quick reference to common news outlet pages where you can choose from different RSS feeds. These are meant to be helpful starting points. Please choose feeds and content that work for you.

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