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Changing your Integrated Video selections
Changing your Integrated Video selections

Add and remove videos from your Integrated Video subscription.

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Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

From your dashboard, click the “Video Subscriptions” link in the “Content” section.

Open a library

Click on a library to open a listing of all the videos in that library. Libraries with content already selected appear under “My Subscriptions.” An oval badge shows you the number of chosen videos in that library.

Need help finding a specific video? Use the search box at the top of the page.

Select or deselect content

A checked box means a content item is part of your subscription. To add new content, click the empty checkbox next to the title.

Click the “Check All” or “Uncheck All” links to add or remove whole libraries or sections at once. Want to preview a video before adding it? Click the “View” link next to the title.

To remove content from your subscription, click the checked box next to the title to uncheck it.


You can only remove videos from your selection during your Open Selection Period –within 30 days before the end of each Annual Period of your Term.

Save your changes

Click the “Save Changes” button in the top right of the page to save your video selections. Your account changes will be reviewed by an administrator.

Account approval and payment

Account changes will be sent for approval and your renewal cost adjusted. Once your account changes are approved and payment is made, you can download the videos you have selected.


Please review the Integrated Terms of Service or contact us if you have additional questions.

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