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Example sites using On-Demand successfully
Example sites using On-Demand successfully

Need some ideas about how and where to integrate your ViewMedica patient education into your website?

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Here are some examples showing a variety of ways to get the most out of your videos

Willis-Knighton Health System uses the entire ViewMedica library to create a powerful Health Library on their site. Every entry in the library leads to a ViewMedica patient education video with accompanying text.

Bossier Orthopedics combines its own physician videos with ViewMedica videos and an interactive call-to-action slide to encourage visitors to contact the practice. This page is an excellent example of educating and marketing at the same time.

Physician Partners of America seamlessly integrates ViewMedica patient education videos throughout their website. Their video selections are tailored to the medical services they offer. As part of their service, one of our ViewMedica experts installed the On-Demand videos on all the appropriate PPA website pages. This tight integration puts important video content right where it’s needed and delivers value to providers, visitors, and returning patients.

Newport Orthopedic Institute really shows the power of patient education integration and utilizes many different features of the ViewMedica On-Demand player. Not only have they integrated specific individual videos based on topic, but they have also paired conditions with corresponding treatment options to further aid in patient education.

This is an excellent example of using the right video to support the text on the page. In this case, the text introduces a minimally invasive spine procedure and is accompanied by the patient-friendly ViewMedica video.

Create a custom group of videos using our Custom Collection Menus to highlight specific conditions and their treatment options.

Gentle Care Dental uses ViewMedica to help promote its dental services. They also provide their patients with education on good oral care and other oral health conditions such as gum disease and plaque. They use the ViewMedica player’s ability to embed directly to individual videos creating an online visual library.

This example shows how web designers can use the included video thumbnail images and introduction text to create a custom visual navigation.

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