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Limited access login for On-Demand
Limited access login for On-Demand

Provide limited account access to staff or web developers without giving out your credentials.

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The limited access login has two parts – your client ID number and the limited access passcode. It can be used in place of your username and password when you want to:

  • Give your staff quick access to the “Launch Player” page in your account to view videos or print brochures.

  • Grant your web developer access to the installation codes for your videos.

  • Log in to the On-Demand desktop or On-Demand mobile apps.

Find your limited access login

Your client ID number and limited access passcode are shown on your Dashboard under the “Download On-Demand apps" section.

Use your limited access login

Use your client ID number for the username and your limited access passcode for the password when logging into your account or the On-Demand desktop or mobile apps.

Edit your limited access passcode

  1. Log into your account as the primary administrator.

  2. From your Dashboard, click the “My Profile” link under “Account Settings.”

  3. Click the "Edit" button next to the "Login & Security" heading.

  4. Enter a new four-digit passcode into the "Change Limited Access Passcode" field.

  5. Click "Save."


If you need to give staff additional access to your ViewMedica account, please see how to add and manage account users.

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