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Get a specific video or menu embed code
Get a specific video or menu embed code

Automatically load a specific video, presentation, collection, or menu. Plus, access a full list of all of your embed codes.

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If you're looking for how to load the main player menu, see our other tutorial for getting your basic embed code.

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From your dashboard, click the “Installation Codes” link in the On-Demand section. On the “Standard Embed Codes” tab, there are two options for getting embed codes that load specific content.

    List of all video embed codes

    Click the “Generate List” button to generate a single compiled list of all of your embed codes. A window opens to show the embed codes. Click the “Copy” button. This list will include all the embed codes that jump directly to a video, presentation, collection, or menu without having to navigate through the main menu of the player.

    Individual embed codes for videos and sections

    Look through the sectioned list at the bottom of the page to get the embed code for an individual video, presentation, collection or menu. Click the “Embed” link next to what you want to embed. A window opens to show the video embed code. Click the “Copy” button. For individual videos, you can also get a brief text description of the video from this window. Close the embed code window to return to the sectioned list. To get a thumbnail image of a video, click the “Thumbnail” link next to the title.

  2. Paste the HTML code into your web page. Send the code to your web developer by pasting the code into an email message. Or, bring up any web editing software or text editor and paste the contents of your clipboard.


Your ViewMedica install can be customized in many ways, turning on or off certain features and changing default settings. Do this in the section below the embed code field. Learn more about customizing the embed code.

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