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Embed ViewMedica On-Demand on a WordPress website
Embed ViewMedica On-Demand on a WordPress website

Use the ViewMedica plugin, or copy and paste the embed code when using page builders like Elementor, Divi, and more.

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Use the ViewMedica plugin for WordPress

The plugin helps embed the ViewMedica On-Demand player into your WordPress site. Watch the short video below to get started using the plugin and learn about some of the plugin’s helpful features.

  1. Log in to the administrator backend of your WordPress site.

  2. Search for and install “ViewMedica” in the WordPress “Plugins” area of your site or download and install the plugin manually. If you choose to manually download and install the plugin, make sure the file does not get automatically unzipped by your computer when it is downloaded. It should have a .zip file extension when you upload it to WordPress.

  3. Activate the plugin.

  4. Set up the plugin. Go into “Settings” and click “ViewMedica.” Input your ViewMedica client ID.

From the ViewMedica plugin settings page, you can:

  • Set global options

  • Access the On-Demand page generator

  • Generate shortcodes

Activating the plugin will add a new “On-Demand” button if you use the Classic Editor and the original “Edit Post” screen. This button helps create and insert shortcodes without leaving the page or post.

You can manually insert the shortcodes generated from the ViewMedica settings page. Or, copy and paste [viewmedica] for the main player.

Download/Change Requests

You can find the latest code, plugin download, and submit pull requests on Github.
You can also download the latest version on


The ViewMedica plugin does not work with some WordPress page builders. Use the alternative copy/paste method.

Copy/paste embed code into your page builder

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. Copy the embed code for the full On-Demand player embed or the embed for an individual video or menu. You will paste this into your WordPress website later.

  2. Log in to the administrator backend of your WordPress site.

  3. Create a new page/post or open the page/post where you want to place the On-Demand player.

  4. Select the “+” button to add a new element to your page.

  5. Scroll down through the elements list until you see the “Custom HTML” option and select it.

  6. Paste the code copied in Step 1 into the “Custom HTML” input field. The element should now be on your page. The WordPress preview may not show the player in the correct proportions.

  7. Drag the element to the desired location on your page. Click “Update” to finish editing the page.

  8. Open your live site to the edited page to view your On-Demand player in action.

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