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Sometimes the clinical name of a condition is too difficult to remember or is known as something else by patients. Or your practice may want to rename the library that your video selections are in. Here's how to change the default names for ViewMedica video items and sections in the On-Demand player.

Start by signing into your account on ViewMedica.com. If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. Click “On-Demand“ in the left menu. A number of options will appear. Click “Video/Section Titles.”

  2. If this is your first new title, click the “Create New Title + “ button. If not, click the “Create New +” button that is in the grey bar for the Titles section. A window will open to set a new title.

  3. Type in the new English title you want to use. If you want to change the title in any other available language, click “+ Add Language.” If you leave a field blank, ViewMedica will use the default title for that video.

  4. Click “Save.”

  5. Now you can attach the new title to a section or one of your ViewMedica videos. The title you created shows in the list of all your custom titles.

    • To change a section name
      Click the new title’s “Sections” link. A window will open that lists all your current sections.

    • To change a video name
      Click the new title’s “Videos” link. Open a library to get to your subscribed videos.

  6. Find and click on the default title you want to change. You can select more than one title at a time. Items that already have an attached custom title will be greyed out and you will not be able to attach another title there. Click the “Save Attachments” button.

  7. To preview your change, click the “Launch Player” link in the left-side On-Demand menu. When you launch your On-Demand player, the item name will show your change.

To reset the item to its default title, you can deselect it from the section/video it is attached to in the “Attachments” window. Or, you can click the “Remove” button (minus) for the note. The “Remove” button will delete the custom title and remove it from ALL items it is attached to.


The custom title will appear in the On-Demand player menu (for sections and video titles) and the video poster screen. It will not appear on the brochure title or within the video itself.

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