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Create a text slide
Create a text slide

Add your own content to ViewMedica. Create a text slide while building a loop, presentation, collection or bumper.

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From the loop, presentation, collection or bumpers builder

  1. Click the "Add Slides" button. Select "Create Slide" from the drop-down menu to make a new slide.

  2. This opens the slide template library. There are many types of slides you can make. Select "Text".

  3. Give your text slide a title. Use a descriptive name so you or your patients can easily find it. This title will be visible (On-Demand only).

  4. (Optional) Add a URL to the "Hyperlink" field. It takes up the whole slide, so inline links become unavailable. Hyperlinks are clickable in On-Demand and show up as scannable QR codes in VMcast.

  5. Set the runtime for your slide. The default time is 10 seconds. If your slide has a lot of text, you may need to add time so it stays on the screen longer.

  6. Add your text to the slide. Use the menu above the slide area to format the text.

  7. Click the "Save" button in the top right of the screen. Your new text slide is added to the bottom of the item list.

  8. Click and drag your text slide to any positions in the list.


Your text slide will also be available in the "My Saved Slides" section under "Content" in your account. Learn more about managing custom content.

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