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Create an image slide
Create an image slide

Add highly visual content to ViewMedica. Create an image slide while building a loop, presentation, collection or bumper.

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Recommended specs:

  • File format: jpg or png

  • Main Screen Slides: 1920px by 1080px (W x H) (On-Demand and VMcast)

  • Side Slides: 380px by 750px (W x H) (VMcast only)

  • Bottom Slides: 1920px by 215px (W x H) (VMcast only)

Our online image editor can help you size and crop your uploaded images.

From the loop, presentation, collection or bumpers builder

  1. Click the "Add Slides" button. Select "Create Slide" from the drop-down menu to make a new slide.

  2. This opens the slide template library. There are many types of slides you can make. Select the "Image" template.

  3. Give your image slide a title. Use a descriptive name so you or your patients can easily find it. This title will be visible (On-Demand only).

  4. (Optional) Add a URL to the "Hyperlink" field. Hyperlinks are clickable in On-Demand and show up as scannable QR codes in VMcast.

  5. Set the runtime for your slide. The default time is 10 seconds.

  6. Add your image. You can drag an image from your desktop and drop it onto the dotted line area in this window. You can also click the "Add an Image" button to upload your image or choose a previously uploaded image from the "My Media" window.

  7. Crop your image. After the image uploads, use the cropping tool to resize the image to the proper dimensions.

    • Drag the crop box to move it.

    • Click and drag the blue handles to resize the crop.

    • Use the "Zoom" buttons to change the size of the uploaded image.

  8. When you're finished editing, click the "Crop Image" button. Like the crop? Then click "Confirm." Need to tweak the crop before saving? Click "Change Crop" and start again.

  9. Click the "Save" button in the top right of the screen. Your new image slide is added to the bottom of the item list.

  10. Click and drag your image slide to any positions in the list.


Your image slide will also be available in the "My Saved Slides" section under "Content" in your account. Learn more about managing custom content.

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