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Update the color of VMcast
Update the color of VMcast

VMcast can be customized to better match your facility’s brand.

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Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From the dashboard, click on “VMcast Appearance.”

  2. To change your screen colors, click the “Edit “ button in the “Colors” area next to the VMcast appearance preview.

  3. This opens a color picker. By default, “Use one main color” is set to colorize the different areas of the screen. Changing this color will change all of the screen areas with values of that one color. The other option is to “Set colors for each area.” Select this if you want separate colors for the main, side, bottom, and logo background areas.

    There are three ways to set your color.

    Pick it manually

    Drag the color slider to find the color you want. Then grab the color dot to adjust the value of that color.

    Use a preset color

    Click on a preset color square. The colors here (except for white and light grey) have been selected to meet accessibility standards for low-vision users.

    Type in a numeric value

    If you know the specific Hex value or RGB value for your color, type it into the appropriate fields.

  4. Got the right color? Click the “Save” button.

The preview on the VMcast appearance page now shows you what your new screen color looks like in action. Your new colors will display the next time you launch VMcast.

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