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Add a logo to VMcast

This tutorial covers how to customize the facility logo displayed on your VMcast.

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Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From the dashboard, click the “VMcast Appearance” link.

  2. Click the “Edit “ button in the “Logo” area next to the VMcast appearance preview.

  3. Click the “Change/Upload Logo” button. Select “Upload Logo.”

  4. This will bring up the “My Media” window. You can drag an image from your computer desktop and onto this window. Or, click the “+ Add New Media” button to bring up your computer’s file structure. Navigate to your image file, select it, and click “Upload.”

  5. Your image will upload and a cropping box will be displayed to show the proper dimensions. Use the “Zoom” buttons or your mouse’s scroll wheel to change the size of the uploaded image. Drag the crop box to move it or click and drag the blue handles to resize the crop. When you are finished editing, click the “Crop Image” button. Like the crop? Then click “Confirm.” Need to tweak the crop before saving? Click the “Change Crop” button and start again.

  6. Once you’re happy with the results, click the “Save” button.

The preview on the VMcast appearance page now shows you what your new logo looks like in action. Your new logo will display the next time you launch VMcast.

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