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Manage streams using Control Center
Manage streams using Control Center

Remotely check your stream status and change the loop playing on one or all of your VMcast TVs.

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Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

From your dashboard, click the “VMcast Control Center” link.

Set up new streams

New streams are highlighted in gold and say “Setup Stream.” You must complete the setup to use it on your device. See our tutorial on setting up a new stream.

Check stream status

You can see each stream's status at a glance – offline, idle, or playing. Learn more about what the stream code statuses mean.

Edit a stream

Edit an active stream by clicking the “Edit Stream” button and build your stream layout. Set a loop for the broadcast area. You can also set loops for the top, side, and bottom frames of the TV. See our tutorial for how to build your stream layout to help customize your VMcast.

Additional icons next to the “Edit Stream” button allow users to group streams together, preview the stream, change the stream settings and delete the stream from your VMcast service.

More stream management options

See our tutorial on putting streams into folders to better organize long lists of streams and grouping streams to manage the same content for multiple streams.

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