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Create your stream layout
Create your stream layout
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Customizing your VMcast screen layout lets you show multiple things on your TV at the same time. You do this by creating loops for the different screen areas.

This tutorial covers setting up a stream with content that is “always on.” To schedule screen content, see our tutorial on how to schedule screen content.

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From your dashboard, click on the “VMcast Control Center” link. The Control Center lists all of the available streams that you can set up and manage.

  2. Click the “Edit Stream” button on the stream you want to manage. Here you will see all four areas of your TV screen layout.

    Screen Areas

    • Broadcast Area: This is the main section of your screen and plays videos, custom slides, and promos.

    • Top Frame: This area across the top of the screen plays messages, weather and RSS feeds.

    • Side Frame: This area on the left of the screen plays custom slides, weather and more.

    • Bottom Frame: This area across the bottom of the screen plays custom slides, weather and RSS feeds.

  3. Initially, your stream layout has no loops assigned to any of the areas. Top, side and bottom frames are grayed out. The broadcast area is also empty, but we highlight it to let you know that this area is required to properly set up your stream. See our tutorials on setting loops for the different screen areas.

  4. As you set loops for the screen areas, you can preview what your stream will look like by clicking the “Preview Stream” button at the top of the page.

  5. Click the “Settings” button at the top of the TV layout to access your stream settings. You can set additional options here to further customize your stream.

    • Show Clock: Adds on a clock that is always visible to the top of your VMcast screen

    • Use QR Codes: Adds a QR code to the bottom right of your screen. Patients can scan this code to visit slide links and watch or share each ViewMedica video in your broadcast loop from their own devices. You must have an active On-Demand account to enable shareable ViewMedica video QR codes.

    • Avoid Overlapping Content: This keeps the top frame and logo area from covering the main broadcast.

    • Use Celsius: Changes all temperatures in the weather slides to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit (default).

    • Dual Language Repeat: This allows you to play ViewMedica videos in different available languages. See our separate tutorial on Language Options.

Your VMcast stream is ready!

You can preview your VMcast stream right in the Control Center or just send the changes you’ve made to the TV and watch it there.

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