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Schedule your stream content
Schedule your stream content
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By default, stream content is set to “Always On.” Loops play on this stream’s TV over and over again. If you want to show different content each day of the week, or on different hours of the day, you can by changing the schedule type.

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From your ViewMedica Dashboard, click on ViewMedica VMcast’s “VMcast Control Center” link. Here you’ll see all you streams.

  2. Hit the “Edit Stream” button on the stream you want to manage. Here you will see all four areas of your stream’s TV screen. Above the stream content hit the “Change Schedule Type” link. This brings up several options for scheduling:

    • Always On (Default): sets stream content to play all day, every day.

    • Hourly: lets you schedule by the hour using multiple loops.

    • Daily: lets you schedule each individual day by the hour using multiple loops.

    • Workweek: lets you schedule the workweek (Mon-Fri) by the hour. Set weekend separately.

  3. Select the schedule type you want. Then hit the “Reset Schedule and Change” button.


    Switching schedule types will clear any scheduled loops that you currently have.

  4. See the specific tutorial below for setting your schedule.

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