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Schedule your stream content by the day
Schedule your stream content by the day
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Daily scheduling lets you schedule your VMcast content each individual day by the hour using multiple loops. For example, you may want to show an orthopedic oriented loop Mondays through Wednesdays and a pain management loop on Thursdays and Fridays.

Start by signing into your account on If you don’t remember how to sign in, see our logging in tutorial.

  1. From your ViewMedica Dashboard, click on ViewMedica VMcast’s “VMcast Control Center” link. Here you’ll see all you streams.

  2. Hit the “Edit Stream” button on the stream you want to manage. Here you will see all four areas of your stream’s TV screen. Above the stream content hit the “Change Schedule Type” link. This brings up several options for scheduling.

  3. Select the “Daily” schedule type. Then hit the “Reset Schedule and Change” button.


    Switching schedule types will clear any scheduled loops that you currently have.

  4. Here you’ll see the blank schedule for all the screen areas for this stream.

    There are four screen areas. Only the broadcast area is required to have a loop. Setting loops for the other areas is optional and doing so is the same as for the broadcast area. For this tutorial, we will work in the broadcast area. See our tutorials on setting loops for the different screen areas.

  5. When you attach a loop to a screen area, you’ll see it show as a solid bar running across a 24-hour day starting at 5 am. This shows that the loop will run each hour, all day. Add another loop to the broadcast area, and you will see that loop added as a second line under the broadcast area, but it has no solid bar under the times.

  6. Use your mouse to drag over the time slots where you want this second loop to play. As you set the play times for a loop, other loops in the schedule will adjust so that only one loops plays at any time.

    Add as many loops to your each day’s schedule as you like. You can even leave blank spaces in the schedule. Wherever there is no broadcast loop scheduled, your VMcast stream will just show a screensaver using your logo. VMcast waits for the next scheduled loop to start up again.

    You can preview what your TV will look like by hitting the “Preview Stream” button at the top of the page.

  7. There are also things you can do in the stream settings. Hit the gear icon “Settings” button at the top of the schedule. Here you can do these things:

    • Show clock: puts a clock on the screen.

    • Use QR codes: puts a QR code link in the corner of ViewMedica videos that your viewers can scan to see and share the video on the phones.

    • Avoid overlapping content: Keeps some screen elements from overlapping the broadcast area content. For example, in some arrangements, the messages in the top frame area cover a small part of the broadcast area. If you don’t want that, turn on this setting. The broadcast area may use letterboxing to avoid overlapping.

    • Use Celsius: sets temperatures in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit in the weather slides.

    • Dual language repeat: plays each ViewMedica video in English, then repeats in Spanish.

    • Primary language: sets the language of ViewMedica videos and any weather reports.

    • Captions language: turns on or off the captions for ViewMedica videos and sets what the caption language is.

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