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Add a main screen promo
Add a main screen promo

Promote services or display important information with visual promos that appear regularly in the broadcast screen area of your VMcast.

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This is for making a promo for a single stream. If you want a promo to run on all of your streams, see our tutorial on Universal Promos.

  1. After logging in to your account, from the gray side menu, click VMcast’s “Manage Promos” link.

  2. Here you see the promos manager for your account. Hit the “Create New” button.

  3. Give the promo a name. This name shows up in the promos menu, and will help you select promos for each stream in the future. When ready, hit “Build Your Promo.”

  4. Click on the “Set Content +” button. You’ll see some options; select either “Create Slide” or “Create Video.” Or, if you want to use a slide or video you had already made, use the “My Saves Slides” or “My Saved Videos” link instead. See our tutorials on making slides and videos.

  5. With the promo content set, you may want to change this promo’s settings by clicking on the “Settings” tab. You can change the promo title. You also can set the promo playback options to “Fullscreen.” By default it’s set to off. When you set it to on, the main screen promo fills the whole TV screen whenever it runs (temporarily covering up whatever side, bottom and top content you have set).

  6. When ready, click on the Back to “Promos” button on the top of the screen. You’ll see your new promo listed.

  7. New promos are not assigned to any stream yet. So, hit the “Assignments” link for your new promo. You will see a list of all your streams. Select the stream or streams you want this promo to run on by clicking on the “+” button on the stream. When your streams are selected, hit the white “Save Promo Assignments” button at the top of the page.

Set Frequency

By turning a promo on it will run when the promo system selects it to run. By default, the system runs one of your promos after every three main-screen items play. If you have two promos turned on, VMcast will show, by default, three loop items, then the first promo, then three more loop items, then the second promo, then three more loop items, then the first promo, and so on. You can change the frequency that promos are displayed by hitting the “Change Frequency” link at the top of the promos listing. That gives you a list of all your streams and you can change the number of promos that “Play” and how often they play (Every # Items) for each individual stream. If you have a lot of streams and want to set the frequency the same for all – hit the white “Set All” button at the top of the page.

Edit or Delete

From the VMcast Promos list, you can also click on the promo name to see the promo and edit its properties, or you can delete the promo by hitting its minus button.


Change the promo order by hitting the “Change Order” link at the top of the promos listing. Then, grab a promo in this list and drag it to the position you desire.

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