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Update a playing loop
Update a playing loop
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Sometimes you may need to update a slide or change content while your VMcast loop is still running on your waiting room TV. After making the loop changes, active VMcast loops automatically update the next time it starts over. But you may want to force the change to appear sooner. Here’s how.

After you make your VMcast loop changes in the VMcast administration area of the website, you don’t have to leave your computer to force an immediate refresh to a loop running on your TV.

Manage the Stream from Your Computer

  1. If you just finished updating your loop from the Stream Editor, then skip to step 3. Otherwise, while logged into your account, from your side menu or your dashboard, select VMcast “Control Center” to see a list of your streams.

  2. Find the stream you want to refresh. Then select its “Edit Stream” button.

  3. On the stream content screen, hit the “Send Changes to TV” button at the top of the screen. This makes the TV immediately start playing your content with all the new changes.


If the stream status is “Offline” you will need to have someone launch and login to the VMcast app from the TV.

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