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Managing custom content
Managing custom content

View and edit your saved custom content library.

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When you create a new content item, it's added to your library of saved slides or saved videos. Your saved content area is an easy way to edit, add or delete your custom content.

Manage your content

  1. Click the "My Saved Slides" or "My Saved Videos" link under "Content" in your account.

  2. In thumbnail view, hover over a slide or video thumbnail to see your options.

    • Edit - Click the "pencil" icon to edit the item. Changes you make to an item in your saved content area will update each instance of that item everywhere it's used.

    • Select - Click the "plus" icon to select the item. You can select more than one item at a time to delete or move to a folder.

    • Delete - Click the "trash can" icon to delete the item from the system. Deleting an item from your saved content area will also remove each instance of that item everywhere it's used.

  3. You can also create new items by clicking the "Create New" button at the top right of the page. New content created here will need to be manually added to your loop, presentation, collection, or bumpers.

Organize your content

Use the filters at the top of the page to help you find current items. Or, create folders to organize and group your custom content.

  1. Hover over an item or multiple items and click the "plus" icon to select your content.

  2. Click the "Move to Folder" button.

  3. Create a new folder or select the folder you want from the dropdown.

  4. Click "Save".


For Saved Slides, On-Demand subscribers only have Main Screen slides. VMcast subscribers have four types of slides: Main Screen, Top, Side, and Bottom.

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