Yes, but only under certain circumstances.

By default, each On-Demand subscription is approved for use on a single domain. Any additions are made at our discretion after a careful review of the domains requested.

Please contact us and we can add a domain, extend your subscription, or open a new account.

Examples of allowed multi-domain uses

Staging Domains

If a new version of your site is under development and you would like to preview changes before they go live, we are happy to add a staging domain to your account.

Alias Domains

If you have separate domains that point to the exact same website, we can add those domains to your account.

Microsite Domains

If you use separate domains for marketing landing pages, we can add those domains to your account.

You may not use the On-Demand player on domains that represent businesses that are separate and distinct from the business that purchased the subscription; it is a violation of our Terms of Service.

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