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Troubleshoot ViewMedica Error: VME0010
Troubleshoot ViewMedica Error: VME0010

This error is caused by the On-Demand player not receiving a referrer from your webpage.

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If using Safari, open this page outside of a "Private Browsing" tab or use a different browser. Your ViewMedica embed is not allowed because we could not detect the embedding domain. "

This error is caused by the ViewMedica On-Demand player not receiving the referrer from your webpage. The player needs to receive the referrer from your webpage for security purposes.

The three most common reasons for the referrer to be missing is:

  • Using Safari with "Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection" enabled

  • Lazy loading iframes with a 3rd-party optimization plugin or service that strips the referrer (accidentally or as a side effect)

  • A Referrer-Policy that explicitly omits referrer to cross-origins

Safari's Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection

Starting with iOS 17, this feature is enabled by default whenever you use "Private Browsing" in Safari. It interferes with the ViewMedica player and prevents it from working properly.

There are multiple solutions to this issue:

  • Open the affected web page outside of "Private Browsing" Safari tab.

  • Disable "Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection" in Safari.

  • Use a different browser.

Lazy loading iframes

Many websites use 3rd-party plugins or services to optimize their performance. While not all 3rd-party lazy load options break the referrer, this is a good place to start troubleshooting.

Disable the lazy loading for iframes option in your optimization plugin or service if you see this error. Clear your browser's cache, refresh the page and check to see if the player loads without the error.

The ViewMedica On-Demand Player is built to lazy load by default. So, this will have a minimal impact on the performance of your website. We use the "loading" attribute that is available in the vast majority of browsers in use today.

Incompatible Referrer Policy

A referrer policy is a security header that defines how much information is passed along when a user navigates from one page to another. You can set a referrer policy in different ways, including your browser default, a page-level policy, and an element-level policy.

Check that you have a referrer policy set and that it's compatible with the ViewMedica On-Demand player. A referrer policy set to no-referrer or same-origin is NOT compatible.

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