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Create a YouTube video slide
Create a YouTube video slide

Add a video streamed from YouTube to a loop, presentation, collection or bumper.

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Adding videos from YouTube needs an internet connection to stream. If you are concerned about bandwidth, you can upload your video directly to ViewMedica.

From the loop, presentation, collection, or bumpers builder

  1. Click the “Add Videos” button and select the “Create Video” option.

  2. Click the “YouTube Video” template.

  3. Give the video a title. This title will be seen in the ViewMedica menu system. Use a descriptive name so you and your patients can easily find it.

  4. Enter the YouTube video ID. Can't find the video ID?

  5. Click the “Preview” button to make sure the video loads. Video not loading?

  6. Click the “Save” button in the upper right-hand of the screen. The video slide is now available and added to the bottom of your builder list.

  7. (Optional) Click and drag the video slide to a new position in the list to change the order of your loop, presentation, or collection.


Video slides are available under "My Saved Videos" in your account. Learn more about managing custom content.

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