Strong internet connection

VMcast automatically downloads ViewMedica content to your loop to save bandwidth. However, a strong internet connection is still required by the app. If your device loses connectivity, you will see an offline message until the connection is reestablished.

To check your internet connection, press and hold the home button on the Fire TV Stick remote for a few seconds. A quick access menu should appear covering the entire screen. Select the “Settings” option. Select the “Network” option. Highlight your connected network and press the play/pause button.

The details about your device’s connectivity will appear. You’re looking for all green checkmarks. If there are issues found, please follow any of the recommendations listed there.

Inactive account

If your ViewMedica account becomes inactive or the VMcast service is removed from your subscription, your content will not stream and the VMcast app will log itself out. Log in to your account to update your payment method or add VMcast to your account. After your account is updated, you can sign in to the VMcast app with your client ID and stream code.

Stream code used more than once

VMcast limits usage to one device per stream code. If you use the same stream code on two different devices, the VMcast app on the first device will be logged out.

A notification will appear on the app’s sign-in screen – “Your stream code was used at another location, so this device was signed out.” The app will remain on the sign-in screen until a new or unused client ID and stream code is input.

You can purchase additional stream codes from the VMcast Control Center of your account.

Corrupted file

Sometimes a downloaded file may be corrupted on your device. For example, you may see a “Video Load Error” or “Content Load Error” when you play your loop. In these instances, it’s best to clear the app’s downloads.

From the VMcast home screen, highlight the “gear” icon using your remote’s navigation buttons. Select “Settings.” Highlight and select “Empty Cache.”

A notification will appear once all of the cached files have been removed from the device. After this message appears, you can play your VMcast loop and it will redownload your ViewMedica files.


If these steps do not solve the issues you are having, please see our advanced troubleshooting for the FireTV tutorial or contact us.

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