There are many ways to preview your video content. A common area to preview the videos is in the "Video Subscriptions" section of your account.

This section is where you manage your video subscriptions. When you click the "View" link next to a title in the "Video Subscription" section, you will see a "Demo Only" overlay.

To view the videos you are subscribed to without the overlay, click the "Launch Player" link on your dashboard.


The "Demo Only" overlay won't show on videos you are subscribed to unless the account is in "Demo" or "Developer" mode.

The overlay is meant to protect the video content while allowing you to preview the content before adding it to your subscription. It also allows web designers and content managers to visually integrate the videos during development before beginning your subscription.

If you are seeing the "Demo Only" overlay and believe this to be an error, please contact us.

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