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Why does my VMcast keep asking me for login information?
Why does my VMcast keep asking me for login information?

The most common reason that VMcast gets logged out is when stream codes are shared between devices.

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Please check that your device's stream code isn't being used more than once.

Each device that streams VMcast requires a unique stream code. This means that you can't share stream codes between multiple devices. This includes any instance of the VMcast app whether on the Amazon Fire TV stick or Window, macOS desktop app.

When a stream code is used to log into more than one device, your VMcast app will log the other devices out. A notification will appear on the app’s sign-in screen – “Your stream code was used at another location, so this device was signed out.”

The app will stay on the sign-in screen until a new or unused client ID and stream code is input.

If your account has multiple streams, name them in a way that will help you remember which stream belongs to which device. This makes finding your stream in your VMcast Control Center and troubleshooting much easier.

If you are still experiencing issues, go through our Troubleshooting on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Advanced troubleshooting on Amazon Fire TV Stick guides.

If you see a different error, please note what it says and contact us.

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