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Does ViewMedica save or collect Personal Health Information (PHI)?
Does ViewMedica save or collect Personal Health Information (PHI)?

No. PHI is not collected or recorded by us, or any of our third-party partners.

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ViewMedica doesn't use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. We also don’t "fingerprint" individuals via their IP address, User Agent string, or any other data. IP and device addresses are not collected or stored.

So don't worry. ViewMedica is HIPAA Ready!

What we do collect

For On-Demand, we only collect data that is necessary for the service to function.

  • Date and Time

  • Customer ID - used to pull the customer's video subscription choices

  • Video ID - used to play the correct selected video (e.g. cancer or uclinjury)

  • Served Language - used to serve the language that is chosen from the On-Demand player (e.g. en, es, pt)

  • Preferred Language - used to serve the preferred language set in the ViewMedica customer's account (e.g. en, es, pt)

  • IP Address with the last octet dropped. For example, the address is only collected as

Where is it stored?

The functional data collected is stored in a secured AWS S3 bucket.

Does cookie consent management exist on your domain?

No. The ViewMedica On-Demand player iframe does not use any cookies at all. The ViewMedica Share Page only uses strictly necessary cookies (XSRF, session) which do not require consent.

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